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Question #: 991

Question: I just made the book build Cnc machine with the feed rate of 11.19 inch/min as suggested in book. Can I increase it to 20 inch/min? I have 2hp of router attached

Current Solution

The book (scratch build) will be able to cut at very high rates of speed, but the speed is partly determined by the mechanical setup. Cutting wood is generally recommended between 60-200 ipm depending on the end mill and spindle being used. The larger the end mill (with increased chip load capacity) the faster the feedrate.

If you are using a standard allthread, you will not be able to have these high feedrates. You will need to purcahse high lead leadscrews: https://www.buildyourcnc.com/item/mechanical-leadscrews-leadnuts-!5-5-starts-10-tpi

The stepping motors need to turn 13 times to travel one inch using standard allthread (1/2-13 TPI - threads per inch). The higher lead leadscrews shown in the link provided will move one inch with only two turns allowing the machine to move many times faster.

These speeds are especially important if you are cutting materials that have low melting points like aluminum and thermoplastics like acrylic, Plexiglas, etc. These materials require high feedrates and smaller depth per passes.

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