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Note: The whiteAnt is being discontinued in January 2016 to make room for our newer 3D printer, the blackAnt. The whiteAnt page will remain here as a resource for those who own it and we will still provide support for it.


Here is your chance to build a machine that can form 3D plastic models that builds objects up to 160mm x 190mm x 125mm, literally from the bottom-up.

Traditionally called an FDM machine (Fused Deposition Modeling), the whiteAnt will create 3D models by "depositing" extruded plastic from a nozzle, "fusing" the plastic, layer-by-layer, starting from the bottom of the model to the top. Change the form factor of the machine, by lowering the frame, inserting a Dremel, and you have a mini-CNC milling machine.

The easiest way to get started is to buy the book!! For those that did purchase the book, the plans are here. The book guides you through the entire process of building this machine from scratch. Moreover, and the most exciting part of this book, is that it will help you master the electronics wiring (Gen 4) and software setup (ReplicatorG) for all of these types of machines (including the makerbot). You will dog-ear the heck out of this book!

The current kit provides hardware, structural components, motors, and mechanical components. The travel for each axis is: X-160mm, Y-190mm and Z-125mm.

What the three (3) kits include:

Base Kit:

  • All hardware to assemble the kit
  • All mechanical components (drive pulleys, bearings, lead screw, anti-backlash Nut, etc.)
  • 4 NEMA 23 Stepping Motors (1 for the Extruder and 1 motor for each axis)
  • Structural components
  • Rails

Gen4 Bundle:

  • One (1) Main board
  • Four (4) stepping motor drivers
  • Three (3) end stops (with cabling from end stop to main board)
  • One (1) extruder controller

Complete Kit

  • Everything the Base Kit
  • Everything from the Gen4 Bundle
  • One (1) Arduino Mega 2560
  • One (1) 3D Printer Extruder
  • One (1) 12 volt Power Supply for use with 3D Printers

Below are the electronics that can be purchased separately.

3D Printer ExtruderArduino Mega 2560

Book Resources

whiteAnt Original Plans

STL file for the model in the banner image.Plastic whiteAnt logo3.stl

Configuration file with configurations related to the mechanics of the machine:whiteAnt xml (configuration) file for use with generation 4 electronics

Resources for whiteAnt specific machine skeinforge profiles:whiteAnt skeinforge resources (whiteAnt_skeinforge.zip)

Ask a question about the whiteAnt 3D Plastic Printer/CNC Machine - Build Objects of 160mm x 190mm x 125mm:
Previously answered questions:

Click on the question to reveal the answer.
  • [whiteAnt 3D Plastic Printer/CNC Machine - Build Objects of 160mm x 190mm x 125mm] What is the steps per mm on original white ant z screw 314.96 is not right and trying to get it working again

    That z-axis lead screw travels one inch with 5 turns.

    Use the formula:


    The steps will be the motor natural steps multiplied by the microstepping = (200 x microstepping)

    The number of inches is the travel for one motor revolution = 1/5

    Lets say the microstepping is 1/2, then the steps per revolution is 200 x 2 = 400

    So: 400 / (1/5)" = 400 / .2" = 2000 steps per inch

    The driver will have a dip switch that will show the microstepping setting.

    Click the link to add information to this solution:
    [246] What is the steps per mm on original white ant z screw 314.96 is not right and trying to get it working again


The video is a demo of the machine working. The machine is creating a model of Thom York that can be found on Thingyverse.com (Ting number 1218).


Assembly Instructions (for kit):

The following videos are provided as the guides to assemble the whiteAnt 3D Printer. The book can be used as an alternative to these videos for the purposes to assemble the kit; however, these videos pertain only to the kit and not to a scratch built machine. The book is the only guide to scratch build this machine.

1. Z-axis Motor Mount:


2. Dremel Mounts (for CNC):


3. Extruder Hinge:


4. Z-axis:


5. Z-axis:


6. Z/Y Plate Assembly:


7. X-axis:


9. X-axis:


10. Y-Axis:


11. Hot End (Gen 4):


12. Gen 4 Electronics:


13. Gen 4 Electronics:


14. Gen 4 Electronics:


15. Gen 4 Electronics:


16. Gen 4 Power Supply:


17. Limit Switches:


18. Software:


19. Software:


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