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New York Maker Faire 2013 Badge 3D DLP Printer Prototype
New York Maker Faire 2013 Badge 3D DLP Printer Prototype

We will be participating in the New York World Maker Faire 2013, September 21st and 22nd. This is a Maker Faire that I have always wanted to attend, and we want to bring a 3D Printer. But, not the same type of printer that you always see at the Maker Faire. Typically, you would see the 3D Printer that is based on the FDM technology (Fused Deposistion Modeling), like the whiteAnt. As always we want to bring something unique. A 3D DLP Printer that uses photopolymer that hardens when a specific wavelength range of light hits it.


Our 3D Printer uses a DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector to send this range of light in a controlled manner to the photopolymer. The DLP projector projects each layer of a model in sequence and a Z-Axis stage lowers, submerging in to the liquid polymer, leaving a film of polymer on the top to harden. This process is repeated for each slice of the digital model, creating a real 3D plastic model. The image shows our prototype to test this technology. We will be bringing this, or a revised prototype.

Spread the word of the Maker Faire and our project and we hope to see you there.

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