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Question #: 13587

Question: On the wiring diagrams for the 220v inverters I noticed that there is one hot (220) a neutral and a ground. Will the inverter work with the American split phase system? Hot (120) hot (120) ground?

Current Solution

Our 1.5/2.2kW spindle will work with both setups, in our wiring diagram it is more seen as the Euro/AUS-style, however you can do the same thing with the North American style as well. Also depending on if you have single or three phase 220V, you can use pins R, S, T. A manual will arrive in the VFD box, which will have further information and diagrams.

Please seek a certified electrician if you are unsure of any aspect in wiring the spindle or VFD, since wiring to main lines will require wiring of the plug and main lines to the inverter and to avoid any damage or injury's while installing the 1.5/2.2kW spindle and VFD combo.


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