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Question #: 13588

Question: What are the physical dimensions of the 2.2kw VFD?

Current Solution

On Monday, when I get back into the office, I will provide the dimensions for the 2.2kW spindle and I will also provide a drawing of these dimensions on the spindle 2.2kW page. Thanks.

Additional Information:
Spindle dimensional specifications:

- Overall diameter is 80mm
- The length of the outer housing is 200 mm
- Diameter of the extension just below the spindle is 36mm and the length is 12mm
- The Collet shaft diameter is 11.318 and the collet nut diameter is 16.75mm and both extend from the extension approximately 52.5 mm
- The overall length is 264.5mm not including the air ports and the electrical connector (outer housing 200mm + extension 12mm + collet shaft and nut 52.5 mm).
- The air ports extend 20 mm from the top of the spindle


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