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Question #: 14105

Question: i was a video where you used a voltage transformer to connect your vdf. i am new to vdf. i was wordering what kind of of volt transformer should i get. lets say a vdf is rated 10amp and 200-240 should i get a voltage transformer with 2000 watts or 2500 watts? also if i plug this into my home wall socket(110v) will be able to work with out tripping the circuit breaker?

Current Solution

The transformer I used in the video was only to show the usage of the VFD and spindle. I recommend using a properly wired 220V outlet to to power the VFD.

If you use a transformer, make sure that the power (watts) of the transformer exceeds the VFD/spindle wattage (i.e. 2.2kW spindle is 2200 watts). You can find the current: I = watts/V which gives you I = 2200/220V, I = 10 amps. However, not being a professional electrician, I cannot inform whether your circuit breaker will handle this current load. I suspect that with 110V, I = 2200 watts / 110 V = 20 amps, so you will probably want a breaker with more than 20 amp to provide a margin of safety.

Please seek the guidance of a professional electrician since I am not, and you are working in an unsafe environment when connecting these high powered electrical systems.

Thanks and let me know how it goes.



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