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Question #: 14641

Question: I am trying to program my 220 volt VFD and it has locked me out. It keeps flashing and the only parameter I can change is P009. I also keep getting a Er 3 code which means input voltage out of parameters but the input voltage is correct. How can I get back to being able to adjust the parameters?

Current Solution

Can you tell me the model number for that VFD. Use the "Additional Information" for this FAQ to continue add this information and continue the dialog.

Additional Information:
Actually, it's the "submit response" button.

Additional Information:
It is the XSY-AT1. AT1-2200S

Additional Information:
Ok, let me check

Additional Information:
You purchased this VFD and spindle combo in April. Have you been using the VFD until now and it just failed? Or is this the first time you are trying to use the VFD? This will allow me to determine if this is a configuration problem or an electrical issue.

Additional Information:
According to the manual, P09 is the parameter needed to unlock the VFD if a value has been entered into P08, the password parameter. If the password value is entered into P08, you will need to enter the same password into P09 to see the value in P08 and access the other parameters.

Additional Information:
SOLUTION: If you do not remember the password that was entered into P08, then you can enter the value of 55555 into the P09 parameter and P08 will show the password. Take that value presented in P08 and you will be able to enter it into the P09 parameter and the VFD will be unlocked.

This customer tried the above instruction and he was able to unlock his VFD.


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