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Question #: 14716

Question: wiring for nema 24 stepping motor to microstep driver CW230. With BlueBrew board .

Current Solution

Three steps are involved: wiring the stepper motor to the CW230 driver, wiring the CW230 driver to the parallel controller and wiring power to the CW230 driver.

Wiring the NEMA stepper motor to the CW230 driver:
This will depend on the number of wires are coming out of the stepper motor. If the stepper motor has 8 wires, you want to wire it in bipolar parallel configuration. Check the datasheet of the motor for this configuration. If the motor has 6 or 4 wires, you don't necessarily need the datasheet, but it is quicker and more helpful. Otherwise, you can use a multimeter to determine the correct wires. Since both coils will have the same resistance across each, you can use a multimeter set to ohms, or resistance, to determine the wires for each coil. If there is OL on the multimeter for any two wires, that means it is an Open Line, or no connection. That could only mean that those wires are not on the same coil. If the reading shows a number, then those wires are on the same coil, and on a 4 wire stepper motor, that will be the wires to connect to either the A or B coil. If the resistance is half of a resistance of another set on a 6 wire stepper motor, then on of those wires if at the midpoint of a coil. On 6 wire motors, only use the wire pair that have the highest resistance. Those will be the wires on the ends of each coil. Connect one pair to the A terminals and the other pair to the B terminals.

Wiring the CW230 driver to the controller:
The Step-, or sometimes called CP- is connected to one of the numbered terminals between 2 and 7 and the DIR-, sometimes called the CW-, is connected to one of the numbered terminals between 2 and 7. X is typically connected to 2, and 3, step and DIR respectively. Y is typically connected to 4 and 5. Z is typically connected to 6 and 7. The 5v is connected to Step+, or CP- and DIR+, or CW+.

Make sure that Mach3, or LinuxCNC is configured for this configuration under ports and pins in Mach3, or the stepconf in LinuxCNC.

Additional Information:
Let me know if there are clarifications that are needed here.


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