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Question #: 13980

Question: Do you sell 22 to 24 AWG stranded and shielded for wiring of the limit switches and E_Stop?

Current Solution

The wire that we sell for the limit switch wiring is here: https://www.buildyourcnc.com/item/3d-printer-component-cnc-electronicsandmotors-cable-wire-3-conductor-22-awg-wrcon-cablewire3conductor22awg

This is shielded cable to make sure there isn't any external interference with sensitive components and long wires associated with limit switches. This is necessary due to the interference caused by the motors on a CNC router and the milling process.

Additional Information:
So unshielded is cool. That's what I was curious about. Cheers.

Additional Information:
Absolutely. It's really the only type of cable I would recommend for connecting limit switches.


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