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Question #: 2342

Question: Transaction EQEPB4915043, My 2.2Kw Spindle and Inverter showed up without any manual or instructions. Can you provide a manual? Thank you

Current Solution

The spindle does not come with a manual, however the inverter should come with a manual booklet in the box. The wiring diagram and PD settings for the inverter and spindle (https://www.buildyourcnc.com/item/spindle-inverter-2!2kw-spindle-novfd) can be view together on the spindle page, also you can use a local hardware store extension cord (orange) to connect/wire from your outlet(220V) to your inverter and spindle accordingly from the diagram.

Additional Information:
I also received a spindle and inverter without a manual. While the diagrams on the product page were sufficient to get the unit running, there is no documentation anywhere to be found concerning the terminal block that is used for external control. What does one have to do to get a hold of the manual that was supposed to come with the inverter? Manuals for the 220VAC model are plentiful online; however, manuals for the 110VAC model are non-existent.


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