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Question #: 5758

Question: Are there any special instructions regarding connecting water lines to the 2.2k spindle?

Current Solution

There is no specific manner in connecting the water lines to the spindle. No specific output and input locations, only the diameter which we use is 1/4 Inside Diameter and 3/8 Outside Diameter (you might find another one that works just as well).
Unscrew the 2 hose nuts and feed the tube through (will be snug), and adjust the tube on the hose fittings and screw the hose nuts down. Feed the tubes through your machine towards the water bucket, making sure it will not get caught on any moving parts and cause a jam/leak, and fit one tube to the outlet of your water pump and leave the other tube to the bucket as a return line. (unless you are using a cooler like a radiator, then feed it to the outlet of the radiator and to your water pump)


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