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Question #: 5752

Question: Can you provide additional dimensional or CAD data for the 20 mm linear ball bearing block and matching guide rail (overall size, mouting hole locations, etc)?

Current Solution

For our 20mm linear ball bearing block dimensions:
L: 1.9795"/ 50.2793mm
W: 1.9055"/ 48.3997mm
H: 1.4810"/ 37.6174mm
The mounting holes will be 1.3500" apart from each other.

The 20 mm guide rail (as sold), dimensions:
L: 11"/ 279.4mm
W: 1.7825"/ 45.2755mm
H: 1.4655"/ 37.2237mm
Mounting holes will be in the center of the 11" piece and be 5.9120"/ 150.1648mm apart with around 2.5"/ 63.5mm of rail on each side.


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