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Question #: 3468

Question: I'm still unclear about the necessary software for the Blacktooth laser cutter. I just ordered the Blacktooth laser cutter with integrated computer. Does that mean I won't need the Mach3/EMC2/CamBam types of software? I am proficient with Google Sketchup so I have the design software covered, I just can't determine from the product description what else is required in the software department.

Current Solution

The blackTooth uses CNC software for its control. You will need either LinuxCNC (free) or Mach3 to control the blackTooth. There are various methods to use this control, such as using a .dxf (can be created from SketchUp) and a CAM software like CamBam. The CAM software will be used to provide machining operations, like profiling for the polygons and lines. Use a tool diameter of near 0.

The z-axis direction controls the laser on and off, so make sure that your material thickness is very thin (like .001") so there is no time delay for the laser turning on.

If you want to engrave photos, Mach3 has a plug-in for this purpose.

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