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Question #: 13900

Question: Hi my name is Robert I have Ordered and paid for your product ( ArtSoft Mach 3 CNC) through your associate with Amzon.com Account. Ordered on the 24 of September 2017 today's date is the 27 of October 2017 I have sent you 2 correspondence through Amazon with no response from you. is there something else I need to do to get my Copy of ArtSoft Mach 3 CNC software that I Have Paid for. ????

Current Solution

My sincere apologies for this. We seldom get purchases on Amazon and this order was overlooked. I will make sure we deliver the license to you tonight!

Additional Information:
Hi Robert,

Can I get your email address sent to phdroboticsllc@gmail.com so I can email you the license file. Thanks


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