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Question #: 8000

Question: Hi, I have intention of purchasing your 1/2 inch precision lead screw set to build my CNC machine, could I have the schematic dimension of your 1/2 inch anti-backlash nut, bearing for the lead screw and the shim? Also is your 2.2kW spindle able to mill Aluminum and what is the accuracy?

Current Solution

BYCNC response:

Milling aluminum is no problem with our machines.

Here is a video we recently did with our 4'x8' machine. The aluminum piece is about 1/4" thick: https://buildyourcnc.com/tutorials/tutorial-greenbull-aluminum-cutting

The accuracy you will see from our our 2.2kW spindle is entirely dependent on the precision of your build, so it's not possible to say what level of accuracy you can achieve without an examination of the complete system. However, our spindles have a runout of less than .0001 in, which includes the collets that we sell. If you use a collet from another manufacturer, we cannot guarantee this TIR (Total Indicated Runout) dimension.

For the dimension drawing of the anti-backlash nut, please contact us directly by phone or email to techsupport@buildyourcnc.com

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I have emailed waiting for your reply.

User response:
Hi, I am still waiting for your email reply.

BYCNC response:
Your email has been sent.


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