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Question #: 8009

Question: I've been interested in your machines, but the designs seem to side load most of the v-bearings, which raise questions about bearing life, and reliability. Isn't there a better choice of bearing configurations?

Current Solution

All of our machines exhibis radial loads on all of our bearings with the exception of the bearings on the z-axis lead screw that holds the lead screw in place. These lead screw bearings are held between a coupling and a collar and the load on these bearings are well within their specifications.

The v-groove bearings that are used for movement along rails have load centered between the double races of the bearings (from where the point load from the rails exist within the center of the "W" profile of the bearing). There may be slight axial load on bearings on the z-axis positioned on the rails for z-axis up and down movement and y-axis side to side movement where torsion load exists from load on the end mill during the milling process; however, this is a very small fraction of total load on these bearings are are well within specification.

Can you let us know where you see side (axial) load on our bearings, so we can better describe the conditions? Thanks.


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