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Build Progress by Walter D.
Walter's cabinet for the blackToe cnc routerThe electronics in a shelf inside the cabinet where power is also considered on Walter's blackToe cnc machineThe back of Walter's blackToe cnc machine's cabinet where the motor wires are locatedA close up of Walter's motor wires on the blackToe cnc machine
As Walter D builds his CNC machine, he's thinking about under the machine and where to house the electronics. the wiring and workmanship is done well.

I think I've said somewhere in this website that it is up to you to use the vast amount of space that could potentially be under the machine. I'm not sure if I know anyone that is placing the machine on the floor. Well, the gantry sides would get in the way, anyway. The typical way the machine base is made is with a torsion box with legs to provide a table top height that is easy to access.

Well, Walter did some interesting building with his (not yet) CNC machine. These images will serve as a great starting point for others that want to make the space under their CNC quite useful. Mine is just junked up, but Walter's is quite functional and clean. Check out the photos. I hope we will see more in the near future.

The first thing I noticed when looking at the images is the location of the electronics. The most striking aspect is the organization of wires. Walter has also provided a dust resistant location for the electronics within the top level of the cabinet. Two fans are positioned at the rear which keep the drivers cool within the closed space. The outlets are also a nice and safe addition.

Looking at the rear of the table and cabinet, you will see a screw terminal array with wires coming out of a nicely lines hole. These wires then connect to a terminal, which is great way to add more strength to the wire connections. I remember when my gantry went farther than my wires had length and were ripped out of the driver. In Walter's case, since the wires connect to the terminal, it will be at this point that the wires may cause damage as opposed to a driver. He has even nicely labeled the wires using the back of the cabinet.

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