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Question #: 13297

Question: I just received a replacement spindle (2.2kW 220v). However, when I attempted it use the new spindle, it would only reach 1500 rpm. Is there something I need to change on the spindle controller?

Current Solution

VFD settings........
1) To program the VFD, wire it up, plug it in. It takes several seconds to come to life.

2) Push the PRGM button to enter programing mode.

3 )Push the SET button. The display will read PD000.

4) If you push the SET button again, it will display the present setting of PD000.

5 )By pushing the up or down arrows, you can change the setting to whatever it needs to be. (This is just an example. PD000 needs no changes)

6)Push the SET button again to lock in the setting of PD000 and advance to the next number, in this case, PD001.

7) Push the SET button and it will display the present setting of PD001. Again, use the up and down arrows as necessary to set PD001, then push SET again to lock it in.

Note: You can also scroll through the PD numbers with the up and down arrows.

8) make all settings this way.

9) by pushing the SET button you can scroll through the settings. First push of SET moves to the next number, second push displays it's setting, third push moves to the next PD number.

Note- If you take too long, it will leave the programing mode on it's own. If it does, just push PRGM again to return to programing mode. Then press SET and continue what you were doing.

10) Start with PD013. Set it to 1, which returns the settings to the factory settings.

11) Then set PD005 to 400, PD004 to 400, and PD003 to 400 IN THAT ORDER.

12) Then set the following: PD041=8, PD144=3000

13) Set PD209=50

That's it for the programing. You should get 24000RPM when you push RUN.


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