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Question #: 14014

Question: I ordered a 1.5KW 110 volt spindle. I just received the box and the spindle clearly says on the foam packaging and the side of the spindle that it is 220V. I think you shipped me the wrong spindle

Current Solution

Did this spindle come with a 110V 1.5kW VFD?

Additional Information:
The reason I ask is because the 220V 1.5kW spindle may work well with the 110V 1.5kW VFD. I believe we did the test prior to shipment.

Additional Information:
I have a 110V HY01D511B VFD already. I did not know they would work together. I will give this a try.

Additional Information:
If you did't get the VFD paired with the spindle from us, then I would not connect the 220V spindle with your VFD. Let me ask my technician and get back with you.

Additional Information:
My technician said that it should work since the 220V 1.5kW spindle worked with our 1.5kW 110V VFDs.

Remember to seek the advice and guidance of a professional electrician when connecting these types of high powered devices.

Additional Information:
Do you have any info on the settings? I would rather buy a pre-configured VFD from you if you don't have the settings for my HT since I have already fried one spindle because of lack of documentation from the manufacturer. If you can setup a VFD that works with the spindle you sent at 110v input voltage I would be fine with the extra expense.


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