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Question #: 13529

Question: one of my motors from the blackfoot kit goes back and forth rather than turning, the wiring hasnt changed since i bought it, what could be wrong?

Current Solution

The motor shaft does not turn, but slides back and forth in an axial motion? Please submit additional information on this page.

Additional Information:
it goes one step then the next step in the other direction so it seems to just vibrate

Additional Information:
It sounds like this could be a bad driver? You can determine if this is the cause by connecting another motor to this driver to see if it still happens to the new motor plugged into that driver. This will either rule out the motor causing this, or if it is the driver.

You can also possibly rule out the driver as well if you change the step and direction wires from another driver to the problem driver.

Make sure you do these steps one at a time. It's best to consider a single variable at a time.


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