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Question #: 13819

Question: I bought the book that you co-authored (Build Your own CNC) a few years ago. Its not till now that I’ll be able to start the project. Are all the parts still available? The book is about 8 years old now so I’m wondering if its still worth building that design? (I don’t see a newer version of the book)

Current Solution

This book offers an excellent platform upon which to learn CNC technology and fabrication no matter how old the book is. If you are new to CNC routers, I wuld highly recommend this book. The book will provide you with the plans and the knowledge to build a capable entry level CNC router and you will learn the fundamentals necessary to become successful with fabrication, maintaining the machine (and almost any machine), and how these complex CNC routers work.

The machine kits on this website were created as an upgrade or alternative to the book CNC router build. Specifically the blackToe CNC Router: https://www.buildyourcnc.com/item/cnc-machine-blacktoe-v4-2x4


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