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Question #: 6787

Question: Many moons ago (when we were all a lot younger) you offered an export plan that consisted of various combinations of hardware/electronics and SketchUp of the CNC machine. Do you still offer SketchUp of your projects? I bought the new BlueChick and would like to build a roll-around cart for it. I might also wish to make modifications so a SketchUp would be most helpful.

Current Solution

We did give out the plans for our machines many moons ago, but a few winters back we had to cease this practice as the night was young and full of terrors. Unfortunately we no longer offer the .dxf files or g-code files for any of our CNC machines.

To build a roll cart for your blueChick, check out the similar cart we created for our blackTooth laser. (https://buildyourcnc.com/tutorials/Tutorial-sketchup-fabrication-fabricate-cad-cam-dxf).


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