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Question #: 13928

Question: Does the VLXL kit come with absolutely everything you need to start up?

Current Solution

The Vertical Laser XL Laser Cutter comes with everything but the hookup wires and heat shrink for wiring and the tools you will need to assemble the machine and wire the electronics. You will also need a blower/vacuum to evacuate gasses in the cavity of the machine, and a compressor to provide air assist at the nozzle. 4 conductor motor cable is supplied. Water and air tubing is supplied along with the structure, hardware, mechanical parts, electronics, and chiller.

The wiring will require strippers for insulation removal at the tips and a soldering iron to solder motor wires to them motor cable. Screw drivers and hex wrenches will be needed.

Assembling this kit is not for the faint of hearts and a ton of patience is necessary. It is a very entailed process that will take a bit of time to complete. If you have any reservations at all, please consider the assembled version.


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