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Question #: 14109

Question: Hey Patrick where is the video to adjust manufacturers parameters on lasercad? I watched it but can not re-find it. For pulse unit

Current Solution

The latest LaserCAD video that I have is this one:

I go over adjusting manufacturers parameters at the end of the video.

Do you remember another video other than this one?

Additional Information:
I also have a video where I calibrate each axis. I go deeper into the manufacturers parameters in this video:

Let me know if this helps.

Additional Information:
I seem to remember one where you did an actual physical measurement to work out the new parameters. Basically the file I put in is coming out much bigger than it should. Also, whenever I reset the settings and put the same values in to double check, it changes them again.

Additional Information:
I think the one I just added to this question is it. You may have been writing your response while I was adding this video.

Additional Information:
Yes that is the one. My settings should be very similar to yours, yes?

Additional Information:
Yes, it will be similar but not exact. If the microstepping is different than mine, the value will be totally different, but that is fine. As long as the nozzle goes where you expect, you will have good X and Y axis values. Remember to do the calibration with point as far apart as possible. That will make the overall calibration much more precise.

Additional Information:
The file is still coming out bigger than lasercad says. Says its 65mm and its about 3 times that. Also, X axis is a little joggy again.

Additional Information:
If the travel is 3 times farther, then it's going to be 3 times faster as well, so the motor has reached it's speed limit. The value is in steps/mm, so if you divide the value by the manually, see what happens.


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