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Question #: 14385

Question: I am running 2 pokeys 57 devices on mach3, and apparently the e-sops are conflicting. Is ther a way to disable one or get them to work together?

Current Solution

I am posing this question to the PoLabs folks. I will provide a respons when they get back to me. Thanks for the patience.

Additional Information:
Polabs response: The E-stop MUST be connected to the device that is used as the motion device.

Additional Information:
Here is more elaboration from PoLabs and a question regarding the need for multiple devices:
Although the PoKeys plugin for Mach3 supports multiple PoKeys devices, only one device can be a motion controller. Since, PoKeys57CNC is always configured as motion controller by the plugin, there shouldn't be more than 1 PoKeys57CNC used by the plugin at a time.
May I ask you about the application and why there is a need for multiple PoKeys57CNC devices?


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