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Question #: 14564

Question: I purchased the Mach3 USB controller, however when I ran the test procedure, I get no response from the board, however the light comes on but does not flash when I Press the arrow keys, and measurements with the multimeter shows no voltage on the output connections. the meter shows 24 volts on the 24 volt connection across 24v and DCM. I believe the board is corrupt.

Current Solution

Does the board's light come on at all? Did you try only connecting the controller to the USB, without the 24V connected to see if the board is functioning?


Additional Information:
Hi Patrick, Larry Here, I'm still having the same problem with the new board. When I plug the usb cable in the board, I get the flashing light but when I measure the voltage on the output pins I get no voltage at all. Mach3 says that the pins, 1 thru 4 are enabled and the output is enabled on all the pins just the way I set them, but no joy.


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