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Question #: 2288

Question: where on your mk1 usb controller is the input port i can use for pause or estop comand thanks

Current Solution

On our USB breakout boards, the pins available for any inputs (e-stop/limit switches).
Are x++ - a-- (x++,x--,y,z,a(same)) in the settings menu you will have to specify the pin!

Here is a good forum on Planet-CNC.com to help setting up Planet-CNC software:(http://www.planet-cnc.com/faq/machine_setup/)

Additional Information:

Additional Information:
In the planetcnc software the inputs are greyed out I have a licenced copy and I have all limits setup and working correctly id like to use the a++ or a-- as a manual program pause if my plasma fails torch ignition and id like it to continue after re ignition. When the mk1 controller is unplugged the inputs are available but when the controller is plugged in there greyed out is these options unavailable with your controller please help.


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