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Question #: 3437

Question: im converting a seig x2 mini mill to cnc and I'm looking at the 4 axis cnc combo kit is it mach3 compatible? and is everything included in the kit to build a cnc control box like wires,connectors,wiring diagrams ect?

Current Solution

Mach 3 is compatible with our electronic combo's that include the Parallel Breakout Board.
Planet-CNC is compatible with our electronic combo's that included our USB Breakout Board.

The parallel breakout board is compatible to a wide variety of software control packages. The USB interface board that we sell can only be used with the Planet-cnc control software.

If you are concerned with your computer (desktop) not having a parallel port, one can be purchased and inserted into a PCI slot on the motherboard. Some motherboard also come with a parallel port header (connector) on the motherboard and a simple cable can be connected to this connector to get that functionality on the computer. The former solution of getting a parallel port adapter card to plug into the motherboard is probable the easiest and least expensive option.

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