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Question #: 14483

Question: looking at woodsmith CNC and wanted better understand how it is wired. is it possible to get better wiring diagrams or manuals?

Current Solution

There is a wiring diagram in the instructions on the following page:

In the instructions, you will find the wiring diagram and further instructions below that with greater detail on how to connect the various features of the Mach3 USB controller that is used in the Woodsmith article.

Note in the wiring diagram that COM- is the DCM terminal and COM+ is the 24V terminal.

Additional Information:
I built one of those and complained to Woodsmith about the wiring diagram. They said the vendor changed boards after the article went to press. Don't trust anything in their diagram. They even got the power supply wired wrong. I had to view the instructions from buildyourcnc to get things working. You will fry you drivers if you do anything that is referenced in the woodsmith article. While I did get it built and working, I had to make modifications on many of the dimensions to get it put together right. They make no mention of the tight tolerances required or how square and level everything must be. The beast works but the publication leaves you dangling when it comes to the important details after you get it built.


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