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Question #: 3594

Question: I am interested in building a computer controlled table saw fense. Do you have any products that could help me.. Thanks

Current Solution

Yes, to build a computer controlled table saw fence, you can try the following:

Assuming that the fence can already move, add a motor on both sides coupled to either lead screw or chain mechanics. Lead screw would be the best solution. The lead screw nuts would be mounted on the fence aligned with the motor shafts at the front and back of the fence.

I would recommend the 425 oz-in stepper motors and 3.0Amp drivers for each motor. You will need a power supply rated for 24 volts. There is no need for a higher volt power supply. Interface the drivers to the computer using a USB interface, or a parallel breakout board.

Stepping motors: https://buildyourcnc.com/category/nema
Drivers: https://buildyourcnc.com/category/driver
CNC Motion Interfaces: https://buildyourcnc.com/category/breakout

Measure the length of travel and get lead screw twice as long since you will need lead screw on both sides. Add a bit more length for space that will be needed for the mounting. Plan as much as you can before purchasing.

Lead screw: https://buildyourcnc.com/item/mechanical-leadscrews-lead-screw-!5-5-starts-10-tpi
Lead nut (antibacklash nut): https://www.buildyourcnc.com/Item/mechanical-leadscrews-antibacklash-nut-!5-5-starts-10-tpi


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