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Question #: 6870

Question: Is there a way to test input pins on your breakout board? I had pin 10 exclusivley configured to the estop switch, got a lot of false estops. I gave up on usung estopp and tride to configure pin 10 to a probe with what seemed to be false indicators of a closed circuit.

Current Solution

To test input pins, we would usually recommend using a working limit switch or component. Which would allow you to view the current pin, for any problems or incorrect setting with the control software.

When you wired the e-stop to pin 10, you did wire it in as normally open and also designated the correct pin to the e-stop in the control software?

We also have noticed how sensitive limit switches and e-stops can be to noise around the system and through the wiring. We would recommend using a shielded cable and wiring/routing away from any other wires(power, communication, etc.).


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