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Question #: 6943

Question: i have cnc router. when I do text I have to flip it upsidedown (in software) else it prints backwards. Bottom left is zero and x and y go plus from there. y has dir low checked x does not.

Current Solution

Is bottom left your zero with regard to screen position, or actual machine position (looking down at the machine)? You will want the zero of the machine to reflect that of the screen. This is to make the safest possible scenario for working with the machine and it insures that the output will match that of the screen.

User response:
I'll answer my own question. Unchecked Dir Low on "Y" text now cuts the way you see it in Mach 3. The only thing now is "Y" is plus moving from right to left. I don't think that makes much difference as long as I know that. I'm not sure what will happen if I used a file from someone else. Any opinions?

buildyourcnc response:
It is still recommended that the origin is located where you would expect it to be on the machine. It sounds like the origin is at the right. It also helps to orient the keyboard when jogging where the machine movement matches the direction of the arrow keys.


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