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Question #: 1054

Question: I bought Kindle version of DIY CNC book; pictures are illegible. I can't find a place to download actual PDF plans on site. Can you please provide a link? Thanks

Current Solution

You can see the component list on the hardware and plans machine (scratch build machine) since it is the same machine in the book:


Additional Information:

Additional Information:
Your book claims that plans are available for download, not purchase; the "plans" included in book are illegible and sometimes dimensions omitted - e.g. Fig 3.6 is cutout plan but dimensions are missing from dimension arrows. Your call to provide or not provide plans on the website but should not claim to if you will not. I'll hold my putting review on Amazon until I hear back from you. All I'm asking for is legible dimensions - PDF format will work but I'll ANY legible format. Thanks for your consideration.

Additional Information:
A PDF version of the plans are available here: https://www.buildyourcnc.com/Book.aspx


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