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Question #: 14297

Question: I purchased your book to build a cnc router, the plan drawings are indecipherable and text with them is illegible. There is a note to refer to MDF Parts Layout 1 PDF, MDF Parts Layout 2 PDF and MDF Plans & Cut List PDF downloadable from this site. Where are they I can't find them?

Current Solution

Looks like you are trying to screw me out of $30 plus tax as there will be no pdf files forthcoming unless I shell out another $255. Unless you provide the pdf files I will be forced to seek return of funds and will be notifying VISA, GOOGLE PLAY and the BBB doing so until I get satisfaction. If you are not going to honor your book title by providing complete usable information you should remove your book from the market place, or offer it for free. At this point I don't know how you justify screwing your customers like this, but this one ain't going to take it laying down.

Additional Information:
Official Buildyourcnc response:
Thanks for informing us of this issue. Have you looked at this part of the wabsite:

The link to the "book" portion of the website is in the footer of every page of the website. If there is a problem with the pdf documents on any page of this portion of the website, please let me know here. Many thanks, Patrick Hood-Daniel


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