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Question #: 12185

Question: im almost finish with cnc, at this point im on the limit switchs of this build. the question i have is, on the breakboard there are 4 input pins and next to each side is grd, is that the 5v input. i want to install 6 limit switchs and i want to have them on there own pin, i take it that 2 limits each axis gets its own pin and each axis is wired togeather? thanks

Current Solution

When wiring the limit switches to our BoB(breakout board), depending in the older model or our revised version (https://www.buildyourcnc.com/item/electronicsAndMotors-parallel-breakout-relay#prettyPhoto/0/), the older version will need the COM (limit switch) connected to 5V and the NO/NC to your input pin, but with our newer version you will use GND(ground instead of 5V) to common and the same for NO/NC but the setup in the mach3/confi/ports&pins/ is still the same.

Here is a tutorial where you can see how to set up the limit switches correctly (with our older parallel BoB): Part 1:(

), Part 2:(


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