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Question #: 14029

Question: Hello! Question about the x motor on the vlxl. There is no black lead. Is the yellow in its position? Also, I really just want to double check that this wiring diagram is solid. About to finish the wiring. Juan told me to use the 36V for the tube and 24 for the drivers. Correct?

Current Solution

The stepper motor on the X axis on the VLXL is this motor here:

There is no black lead on that motor and the connection diagram can be found here:

Red - A+
Green - A-
Yellow - B+
Blue - B-

The wiring diagram on the instructions for the Vertical Laser XL is meant as a general guide for all laser systems. The motor specific to the axis should be checked against the datasheet to insure proper wiring.

The 24V power supply should be connected to the laser controller. The 36V power supply should be connected to the drivers to power the motion electronics.

Additional Information:
My fault. Must have had that backwards. I'm sure he told me the right way.

Additional Information:
Not a problem. The laser controller has two terminals labeled for the 24V connection.

The 36V power supply works really well for stepper motor drivers as the voltage/current on this power supply allows for best stepper motor performance with this laser application.


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