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Question #: 6872

Question: I buy a four axis kits and i connect all parts respecting the plan. The USB connector is using for électric alimentation of the When I want to activate the engine with the computer keyboard , nothing works. The current 5VDC since green light is on but when I check with a voltmeter each pin , then I see that there is no current. What's happening?

Current Solution

Depending on the board you are currently using, either the Parallel or USB interface board.
The parallel interface needs the USB cable for power(5v) and the parallel cord for communicating from the board to the computer and vise versa.
The USB interface board, will need a keyboard jog header made to fit the 12 pin connector(2 x 6). Making this connector will allow you to be able to wire it to a external panel, where you can use it to jog your machine rather than using the onscreen jogging.

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