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Question #: 3448

Question: Additional to Question 3444: Additional Information: To Clarify: I need to set up 3 home switches which can double for limits (that's 3 pins.). Another pin for a probe. That's 4 pins used. Now I need to set up the other limit and E-stop switches. No pins left, how do I do that? Can a ground pin be doubled up on? Plus, I have a SuperPID. Another pin?

Current Solution

You can put all of your limit switches (including the E-stop which serves the same purpose as the limit switches) and home switches on a single pin. When homing, mach3 will move the axis it wants to home, hit the switch, pull away from the switch, then move the next axis and repeat the steps for the next two axes.

The probe is on the 2nd pin. The SuperPID is on the 3rd pin and now you have another pin remaining.

The GND terminal can be doubled up.


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