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Question #: 2249

Question: I installed the USB CNC Planet software- 2.10.1406.1201., and got out of your USB controller $ 75. 00.All have linked like a video USB CNC Controller/Interface Wiring Instructions Part 2, X - running . Y, and Z-axis does not work, it moves step motors and controller positions X -axis works, and Y and Z does not work.I used 425 oz-in motors

Current Solution

Recommend first test to check a non-working axis, is to connect the current working axis(ex X-axis) to either the y/z axis to test the actual board and wiring in other axis setup. If tests failed and working (x-axis setup) does not working in the new axis location, go the Planet-CNC/File/Settings/Axes and check if your current non-working axis setup requires a inverted pulse. Check box and test again.
Next test if first fails, is to check continuity in your wires. A simple multimeter(ohm's) will work, just connect the positive and negative ends to one side of the same wire and if reading comes to 0.000, wire has continuity and if reads 0.L then there is a break in the wire and should be replaced.


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