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Question #: 5766

Question: I'm interested in one of your BlackToe kits. Will it cut plywood R/C airplane wing ribs accurately, including the small notches for spars and sheeting? I've heard gantry mass is too high, and causes the small notches to not be cut accurately.

Current Solution

Our blackToe will work with R/C models, and can cut plywood, acrylic, foam, light sheets of aluminum. The gantry mass is not too dependent where you will see a significant accuracy loss that will not work with cutting small notches or small detailed parts, but depending on your CAD/CAM software and how accurate you specify the design it would be best if you create it in sections where you can change the endmill to a finer detailed bit when needed.
Also dealing with our CNC machines the accuracy is in the thousandths of an inch (0.001).
Dealing with small notches, you will most likely be better off using a small endmill/cutter, for very fine detailing (ex. a 1/8" endmill or a 1/32" endmill).


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