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Question #: 13842

Question: I have a "Based on planet-cnc's diy cnc usb controller", I activated the output signal (mist, coolant or spindle) in the planetcnc software but at the output there is no voltage, what can I do to turn on this elements?

Current Solution

On the Planet-CNC board, the Mist, Spindle and Coolant outputs will require a relay to switch on those devices. Test one of those terminals with a multi-meter (Mist, Coolant, or Spindle). Each of these terminals have a GND next to the terminal for the device.

Test the voltage across the GND to the terminal with the arrow that you want to test. Go to the software and click on the device you want to test (mist, coolant or spindle) and note the voltage. If no voltage is output then check under the board to where the terminals are soldered. Re-test the terminals across the solder joints rather than the terminal block wire inputs. If you get a voltage, then there is a problem with the terminal block. If you don't get a voltage, then the board is not functioning properly.

Additional Information:
I activated the output signal.. I did the tests indicated and I did not get voltage. I heated the welds of the three outputs and now works coolant but no mist or spindle, what should I do?

Additional Information:
There are probably cold joints on the board at the chip or the resistors on the traces for those terminals. You can send the board back to us and we will repair and test the board.

Additional Information:
If you want to troubleshoot this yourself, take a very close look at the traces from the terminal and follow them to the tiny resistors, then to the legs of the chip. If you see any bad or bridged solder joints, then those will need to be re-touched. It will take a somewhat experienced soldering individual to accomplish this task and will require flux to make sure the solder joints are fully joined.


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