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Question #: 900

Question: May i have more detailed Information aboute the 4 Axis Electronics Combo? We're using EMC2 and i wanna check compatibility first before I'll buy some. https://www.buildyourcnc.com/Item/electronicsAndMotors-4axis-425-elcombo

Current Solution

The electronics packages come with standard stepping motor drivers, stepping motors, power supply (36v and 8.8amps), and a breakout board (USB or parallel, depending on the option you select). The USB will not work with linuxcnc, but the parallel breakout board works fine with linuxcnc. All of our drivers work well with the linuxcnc software. We use this software with some of our machines and we also sell the CNC electronics / computer system (redLeaf and redSprout) with linuxcnc installed and tested (if the customer selects linux over windows or requests a dual boot system).


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