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Question #: 14329

Question: Looking for electronics for a plasmacam table. It's going to to be a 5'x10' table with x,y,z axis. Will be running on windows ten with a hypertherm powermax45 xp plasma cutter. Any information or links would be greatly appreciated!

Current Solution

What electronics do you have at the moment? Depending on your machine, you will need a minimum of 3 stepper motors and 3 drivers (unless your heavy axis requires two stepper motors and two drivers). You will also need an interface board that is capable of providing three inputs for the THC (Torch Height Controller), THC on, THC up and THC down, and outputs for firing the torch. I would recommend the Pokeys57CNC interface for the primary interface. This interface will connect to the stepper motor drivers and the THC. The Pokeys57CNC can also communicate via USB or Ethernet.


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