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Question #: 1000

Question: Hi - I have wired in a breakout board (with relay) as per suggested wiring instructions (black toe 2X4). I want to wire in an estop but need some guidance on wiring. Also Mach3 is requesting I reset the estop, which suggests its expecting one? Can anyone help? Thanks. Miles

Current Solution

The e-stop should be wired like a limit switch and can also be within the same limit switch circuit. Use one of the input pins to create the e-stop circuit.

1. Run a wire from the input pin terminal to the e-stop switch red side (one of the two terminals on the red side). The red side is NC (Normally Closed).

2. Run a wire from the other side of the red side of the e-stop switch back to the gnd terminal (or to the next switch - limit switch, NC terminal, then back to gnd, or to the next NC terminal of the next switch, do you see a recursive pattern here?).

The wire that you use for the connections should be shielded and the shielding and any other loose wire within the cable should be tied to gnd.


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