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Question #: 4675

Question: I am designing an altitude chamber to test the performance of my product at different altitude level up to 20k feet of height. My chamber dimensions are 1m x 1m x 1m. Can you propose a solution? E.g. vacuum pump model, pump controller, valve, etc.

Current Solution

Are you trying to maintain sea level atmospheric pressure within this chamber, or are you just wanting to sense the pressure within the chamber at that altitude to determine how your product performs?

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Additional Information:
I would like to vary the pressure inside the chamber by using a vacuum pump, e.g. from 100kPa to 10kPa. It is to simulate the different altitude level. Then I will put my product in the chamber and test it at different pressure level.

Additional Information:
I would like to get a solution for designing this kind of chamber.

Additional Information:
Hi, can anyone advise on this?

Additional Information:
You can use our pressure sensor to dial-in the narrow range of vacuum that you need for your project. Build an air-tight enclosure/container that will contain the project components with some/one tube fittings at the exterior of the enclosure. The fitting(s) are needed to provide the vacuum within the container.

The pressure sensor will need to also sense the pressure within the container, so, either a fitting is needed on the container, or in-line with the vacuum hose will need to be provided. You will also need a check valve in-line with the vacuum line between the pump and the container (before the pressure sensor fitting) so there will be no air escaping through the pump when the pump is not running.

All of the components can be found here:


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