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Question #: 932

Question: Could you further clarify (on the Blacktooth) which of the LED wires (solid colour or stripe)goes to the positive 5V terminals on the breakout board? Also where exactly is the brown wire with the white stripe connected on the pot? It looks as though both brown wires are soldered to the centre terminal. Is "left" the terminal on the left in the illustration?

Current Solution

You can connect either way. If the LED doesn't light when you are moving the x or y axis, then simply flip the two pin connector. The brown wire will connect to the wiper (middle pin) of the potentiometer. The brown/white wire will connect to the gnd connector of the potentiometer. See step 17 here: https://www.buildyourcnc.com/blackToothLaserCutterAndEngraver.aspx

Additional Information:
Left, on the potentiometer is the wire that will also connect to the gnd on the laser power supply signal side.


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