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Question #: 13920

Question: So I had my electrician hook it up as per your recommendations and nothing happens. Nothing lights up on the screen and nothing turns on. I have verified that the vfd that I was supplied is for single phase power and I have single phase power at my shop. It is a 220v vfd and I am supplying it with 220v. What do I do now? Is this vfd a bad one and do I need a new one?

Current Solution

Was this VFD purchased from buildyourcnc.com and if so, what is the model number. If not, please provide the model number and we will attempt to determine the issue.

Also, is this question related to a previous question you asked earlier? If so, please respond to that question with this new information.

Many thanks.

Additional Information:
Yes it was purchased through your website, here is the number is YL600-2S-2K20

Additional Information:
Ok great. I will look into it.

Is this related to the R S T and L1 L2 question that was recently asked?

Additional Information:

Additional Information:
It started with that but then once it was wired up it changed to this.

Additional Information:
Ok. Thanks. Please explain how you have the VFD wired to the 220v outlet.

Additional Information:
I have traced the black wire clear from the panel to the R terminal and the white wire to the T terminal and the ground to the E terminal. I have even used a multimeter on the terminals in the VFD while the wires are connected and the power is on, and I get 240V across the R and T terminals and 120 from R to Ground and from T to Ground.

Additional Information:
I still have not seen a response to my previous additional information. It has now been 5 days since then and I still have a non-functioning VFD, what should I do?

Additional Information:
My apologies. I didn’t see your latest wiring clarification response. Please connect the white (neutral) wire to the “S” terminal.

Additional Information:
So, i wired it up and now it does in fact power up. However, now it just gives me an ERR 02 code. What does that mean? the only manual that came with the VFD is all in Chinese. Do you have a book in english? Or a list of error codes?

Additional Information:
I have not seen a response to my previous comment. It has been a while since i have heard from you. What do i do next?

Additional Information:
Sorry about that. The Er 02 code in my manual says that there is an over-current at constant speed, over-current at deceleration or over-crrent at stop.
The recommended actions in the manual says:
1. Check whether the motor has got short circuit and whether the insulation of the output wires is good.
2. Check whether the motor is blocked and whether there is a sudden change of mechanical load.
3. Check whether there is a sudden change in he power supply voltage.
4. Check whether the insulation of the output wires is good and whether the motor has got a short circuit.
5. Extend the ramp down time.
6. Replace it with an inverter (VFD) of larger capacity
7. DE braking is too high. Decrease DC braking (this is only if you have a braking resistor connected).
8. The inverter has failure. Please send it to the factory to repair.

What I have done in the office is to check the resistance between the motor coils. The motor coils should have the same amount of wire winding on each coil. If there is a short circuit in this coil, the the resistance should be lower since there is less wire to travel. You can use a multimeter to check between pin 1 and 2, 1 and 3 and 2 and 3. The resistance should be generally the same.

Additional Information:
I worked threw all the other problems. the controller is now displaying Err 10. WHat does that mean.

Can you provide a complete list of error codes. Or documentation to support this device you sold to me.

id like to be able to integrate this thing into my growing business. i have been pretty unhappy so far with the lack of support. If you have any documentation, can you please send it to me. i cant be the only one having issues. Or even asking for help with these VFDs.


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